The News Down South

And now, some happy news from our part of the world — where boiled peanuts, DVDs, and fishing bait are all found in the same store.

The Breast Care Center, in Macon, is giving away free mammograms to the needy. One nurse explains, “most women below the poverty line wait ’til they have problems. By then, it’s too late. We wanted patients to get it before there’s a problem.”

One giggling nurse said, “We’ve already squashed 320 breasts in the last few days.” She regained composure. “We should really be advertising free squishing.”

There remain 140 free squishing appointments available, as of now.

Moving right along. Meet sixteen-year-old Tiara. She’s a junior at Helena High School. A pretty girl with dark skin, with one surprising singing voice. And she’s passionate about psoriasis.

That’s right.

The disease runs in her family. Since fourteen, Tiara has devoted herself to helping others with the condition to not feel ashamed of their skin. Tiara was just crowned Miss Alabama’s Most Outstanding Teen 2016. She’s partnering with the National Psoriasis Foundation. The sixteen-year-old says, “I am on a mission to find a cure for psoriatic disease.”

And to think; when I was sixteen, I still slept with stuffed animals to keep nightmares away.

Let’s go to Chapel Hill. Yesterday was the 1A National Basketball Championship. That might not sound like much, but to Mike and Jay Huff it was. This was the father-son duo’s last game together.

Mike’s been coaching Jay since boyhood. The almost seven-foot, towering slab of high-school talent is expected to do big things in his college athletic career. In fact, he’s already signed with University of Virginia. Thanks to Daddy.

And yesterday afternoon, in Carmichael Arena — the same place Michael Jordan won the ’82 title — Jay made his daddy prouder than a new truck owner. He played lights out.

An emotional Mike Huff told reporters, “I’m not a guy who cries, I’m not a guy who really celebrates, but I had some tears in my eyes. I just had to go sit down for a second just to take it in.”

Take it in Mike. Take as much good in as you can without busting.

Because sometimes, there’s not enough of it to go around.