Foggy Disaster

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]isastrous night. I was out on the boat, and the thick fog settled in quick. After a few minutes I couldn’t see land at all. Then the worst happened, my boat got stuck in the soft sand.

“Jamie,” I shouted into the phone. “I’m stranded. Meet me on the pier with a robe and some towels.”

“You’re going to swim ashore?” She said. “What about hypothermia, the water is so cold.”

I took the plunge into the icy water. I swam with all my might. Above my head I held a bucket containing my clothes, along with my phone, keys, wallet, and pocket change. My lower body nearly frozen stiff.

I climbed up the pier ladder. But it was too dark to see who was waiting for me.

“Oh my God,” The voice said. “You’re buck naked.”

I squinted through the fog.

“Jamie?” I said. “That isn’t you.”

“Lord no,” the voice said. “It’s your mother-in-law.”

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