It’s late night. She’s driving on an empty highway. The radio is playing something lively. She’s heading toward South Carolina. A new life. A new job. A new town.

She’s got a lot going for her. She’s fresh out of college, smart, ambitious, she comes from a good family, she’s got all the support she can stand.

She’s giddy about her new job. She starts on Monday. She’ll get her own office, good benefits, the whole enchilada. She’s wondering where life is going to take her next, and she’s pure excitement.

She doesn’t see the deer jump in front of her. All she hears is the sound of crunching.

It’s over fast. She smashes into a guardrail, her vehicle tumbles a few times. There is blood in her vision, but she’s not hurt—it’s a miracle.

Her car is wrecked, she’s stuck in a ditch, but she’s alive with no broken bones. She tries to crawl out of the vehicle, but the door is jammed.

That’s when she hears something. Footsteps in the brush. A man crawls into her vehicle through the shattered windshield. He pulls her free.

Her new friend says, “You’re gonna be alright.”

It’s dark. They hike toward the highway to flag a car down. When she gets to the road, the man is gone.

Here’s another:

Bill has cancer. It started as a skin problem on his back. It grew fast. It spread. Doctors operate and cut it out.

After the invasive procedure, he lies on a hospital bed, subjected to lethal doses of daytime television. Bill is beyond sad. He has no wife, no children, no immediate family to visit him. He’s never felt as alone as he does today.


He sees a child, standing by the open door. He doesn’t know how the boy got in. Only friends and family are allowed to visit—Bill has neither.

The kid must be about ten or eleven. He is by himself, dark skinned, wearing a white T-shirt and jeans.

“Who’re you?” Bill says.

The child answers, “I’m here for you, Bill.”

Bill falls asleep with the kid holding his hand. When he wakes, the kid is gone. That was ten years ago. Bill is still cancer free.

One more:

His wife is pregnant with a child. There are complications. She has the baby prematurely. The child has a weak heart. He lasts two years.

The death is a shock. He and his wife mourn so hard that they aren’t sure they’ll ever recover. And they don’t—at least not together. They divorce. He moves out, she gets the house. It’s ugly.

One day, he is at a jobsite, running electrical wire in a pine-framed house. There is an elderly man who shows up. The man looks homeless—long bearded, layered clothes, gaunty. They start talking. The old man is friendly.

In the middle of their conversation, the old man says, “I think you oughta go back to your wife.”

The young man just stares at him. He’s thinking, “How’d this guy know I was married?”

“Go to her. Go now.”

The man wanders away and is not seen again.

After work, the young man calls his wife. She tells him that her sister has just died this morning. She is a wreck. He hops a flight to be with her. He stays with her through the worst. And he stays after that, too.

After fourteen years they’ve made a beautiful life for themselves. They are the proud parents of twin girls.

I don’t know what you’re facing today. Maybe it’s something bad. Maybe it’s not a big deal. Maybe it’s a late car insurance payment. Maybe it’s something fatal. Maybe it’s something worse.

Well, I don’t have any knowledge on how the universe works. I don’t know anything about the nature of life, and you have no reason to care about a word I say. But if you’ve read this far, there’s something I want to tell you:

You’re not alone. Not even for a moment.

That’s not an opinion.


  1. Andrea Murphy - September 10, 2021 6:23 am

    I just Adore you. Thank you. I needed this today. Thank you so much…

  2. Andrea Murphy - September 10, 2021 6:26 am

    I just Adore you. I needed this today. Thank you.

  3. Debbie g - September 10, 2021 6:27 am

    Never alone. Awesome thought. Thank you Sean and I know that you know. Neither are you love you and Jamie and all

    • Joan Moore - September 10, 2021 11:16 am

      Thank you for your insight. Psalm 62:1

  4. Susan H Poole - September 10, 2021 6:55 am

    Dear Sean, with this message, you just tossed out a life preserver to thousands of your readers because each one of us is in need of HOPE. Thank you & may God overwhelm you with His blessings.💖

  5. Amy Baker - September 10, 2021 7:24 am

    Thank you…

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  10. sharon murphy - September 10, 2021 10:10 am

    Love theses stories! There are many more – words of hope. Thank you for gathering our thoughts into these stories.

  11. deem57Dee - September 10, 2021 10:10 am

    Thank you for this!

  12. Liz - September 10, 2021 10:55 am

    Thank you!

  13. Sandy Nicholson - September 10, 2021 10:56 am

    I’ve had one of those moments. It’s called having a guardian angel and it’s priceless. Thanks, Sean.

  14. Cyn - September 10, 2021 11:01 am

    Truer words were never spoken (written)!

  15. Cyn - September 10, 2021 11:03 am

    Truer words were never spoken (written). Thanks for the reminder. We need it in these uncertain times.

  16. Bill - September 10, 2021 11:15 am

    Very true. God is with you, always….

  17. Teresa Larkins - September 10, 2021 11:18 am

    I believe there are angels among us, sent to us when we need them most. Thank you for reminding me of that today. God bless you.

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  19. Karen Erwin-Brown - September 10, 2021 11:39 am

    gave me good shivers. Good day.

  20. Anita Smith - September 10, 2021 11:52 am

    I love this. Thank you.

  21. Anita Smith - September 10, 2021 11:54 am

    I love this. Thank you Sean.

  22. Paul McCutchen - September 10, 2021 12:01 pm

    Thanks Sean

  23. Suellen - September 10, 2021 12:15 pm

    I had an experience like this. Many years ago now. I’d been divorced and I was raising 3 children on my own. No child support. I was on my own. Over tired and overwrought. I went to the grocery and was looking through an assortment of junk on the $1 table because I couldn’t afford much more. I looked up and an older woman on the other side of the table said “Jesus told me to tell you it’s going to be OK”. At first I didn’t know what to say but she continued and we ended up talking for about half an hour standing in the frozen food section. It was like she saw right through me to my deepest worries. I walked out of that store stunned wondering what the heck just happened to me.

  24. Cheryl - September 10, 2021 12:15 pm

    I love it! Really needed it today!

  25. Paul - September 10, 2021 12:17 pm

    Touches the heart, Sean. Thanks.

  26. Ann Chumley - September 10, 2021 12:23 pm

    Thank you!

  27. Ned Wheland - September 10, 2021 12:33 pm

    Just started Chemo for Prostate Cancer. This was inspiring and helpful. God Bless You.

  28. Mickey - September 10, 2021 12:39 pm

    A lot of people in Louisiana need to read this right now. Thank you.

  29. susanrennianderson - September 10, 2021 12:41 pm

    This one is one of my favorites! More like this, please.

  30. Maggie Priestaf - September 10, 2021 12:47 pm

    Oh, thank you, Sean!

  31. Jan - September 10, 2021 12:49 pm

    Thank you!

  32. Amy C. Flanagan - September 10, 2021 12:49 pm

    Not an opinion… yes Sean… It’s the Holy Spirit 🔥speaking through you! Thank you!

  33. tinaintn - September 10, 2021 12:52 pm

    Thank you for this❤️

  34. Molly - September 10, 2021 12:58 pm

    Thank you for reminding me that God is surely here with us! Thank you for your words!

  35. Morton Vice - September 10, 2021 1:06 pm

    Amen brother

  36. Debbie - September 10, 2021 1:08 pm

    Thanks Sean! I needed that!❤️

  37. Gail Sredonja - September 10, 2021 1:31 pm

    Thanks for your messages…

  38. Kathy - September 10, 2021 2:02 pm

    How did you know I needed this today? Thank you.

  39. Ruth Mitchell - September 10, 2021 2:10 pm

    During this time of Covid when so many are separated from friends and family, this is extremely appropriate and needed. Thank you.

  40. Brenda - September 10, 2021 2:15 pm

    So beautiful! There are unexplained occurrences in all our lives… and your story is a touching reminder ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  41. Shelton A. - September 10, 2021 2:30 pm

    God is always with us. Through our friends and family and, sometimes, strangers. But he’s there. Count on Him. Thanks, Sean.

  42. Connie Cagle - September 10, 2021 2:31 pm

    Wow!! That one gave me goode bumps!!
    Keep writing dear Sean!!

  43. Dean - September 10, 2021 2:40 pm

    Thank You i like so many others needed this today

  44. Harriet Shirley - September 10, 2021 2:41 pm

    Really needed this message today…thank you for the reminder!

  45. Jane - September 10, 2021 3:39 pm

    Just sitting here crying

  46. Gayle Wilson - September 10, 2021 3:50 pm

    Sean, the Lord works in mysterious ways and He certainly is doing that today through you. I will not go into the details except to say that our best friend of over 40 years is in his final walk in this life. I pray that he knows we are surrounding him with all the love we have in our heart for him, his wife and two daughters. And I pray that somehow God will let them know they are not alone – not even for a moment.

  47. Brenda - September 10, 2021 4:01 pm


  48. Annie D Sommers - September 10, 2021 4:23 pm

    This just made me so happy. “One is the loneliest number”.

  49. Linda Moon - September 10, 2021 4:45 pm

    Where life takes us next is exciting and sometimes scary…we don’t know what’s around the corner or in front of us. I don’t know what I’ll be facing today, but this column I just read will make it O.K……whatever “it” will be. Que Sera, Sera.

  50. Tom Wallin - September 10, 2021 4:47 pm

    Very Powerful. Thanks Sean. You will never be alone since you have made us all your friend. Have a wonderful day.

  51. Christina - September 10, 2021 4:57 pm

    Especially not after reading these stories. Also, that’s a beautiful typewriter 💜

  52. Cheryl McWilliams - September 10, 2021 5:30 pm

    Thank you.

  53. Karen Snyder - September 10, 2021 5:54 pm

    Angels wear many faces in public. I think some might be redheads, too.😉 Thank you.

    • Suzi - September 10, 2021 10:01 pm

      Thank you

  54. MAM - September 10, 2021 6:12 pm

    If only more people could come to believe that God is always with them. That alone would solve so many problems in our world. And Sean, you are never alone, because of all of us sending our messages to you! Thanks for your writing every day!

  55. Pinny Bugaqeff - September 10, 2021 6:12 pm

    God’s truth…once again comes through you direct to my heart.

  56. MAM - September 10, 2021 6:17 pm

    I pray that more people learn that God is with them all the time everywhere they go. I think it would solve most of this world’s problems—quickly. Thanks, Sean, for being with us everyday and know that you are never alone because all of us surround you, thanking you for your writing.

  57. Frank - September 10, 2021 6:38 pm

    Bless you sir.

  58. Brian Windmeyer - September 10, 2021 7:10 pm

    Sometimes your columns are just what I needed to hear, even when I didn’t know I needed to hear it! I haven’t been a subscriber for a long time, but I’m thankful for the mysterious inner workings of the internet and social media that connected me with your writings. I love your stories, and more so the way you tell them. Thank you!

  59. TessEnterline - September 10, 2021 8:14 pm

    Thank you, Sean, for your posts. They’re a beautiful mix of love, hope, and humor. I look forward to each one.

  60. Cheryl Andrews - September 10, 2021 8:15 pm

    Beautiful! Thanks again!

  61. Helen De Prima - September 10, 2021 10:42 pm

    Bless you, Sean!

  62. BJean - September 10, 2021 11:33 pm

    Amen to that, Sean. Beautiful.

  63. Stacey Wallace - September 10, 2021 11:40 pm

    Thanks, Sean. You are 100 percent correct.

  64. Sally - September 11, 2021 12:48 am

    Sean thank you for the reminder that I’m not alone. I recently found out that yet another former student (5th in six years) committed suicide. She wasn’t even 20 yet. I work in A very small school district, so these a high percentage of our kids. My heart hurts right now. I am comforted by your words this evening.

  65. MJ - September 11, 2021 2:18 am

    I needed this today. Thank you!

  66. Deborah Blount - September 11, 2021 4:55 am


  67. Patricia Schwindt - September 11, 2021 5:14 pm

    Amen. Amen. Amen.
    Many of my former students, who have been translators, interpreters, English teachers, even fighter pilots, are now in Afghanistan, waiting in hiding, hoping and praying to be evacuated before the Taliban discovers them or someone turns them in for some money. They feel alone. I will send them your column and remind them they are not alone. Please pray for them, and please pray for the people in Washington who must find a way to bend rules and get them on waiting planes!

  68. Katherine D Kempf Jones - September 12, 2021 3:08 am

    Sean – Your columns ALWAYS cheer me up! It’s a gift & one that I am forever looking forward to. So please keep on writing them. We all need them especially to get through this Covid-mess. Thank you for this gift & for sharing it.

  69. Elizabeth - September 12, 2021 6:05 pm

    You have no idea how much I needed this. Thank you ❤️

  70. Bernadette Wyckoff - September 13, 2021 2:16 am

    Thankyou Sean for verification that I am never alone. I know my angels are always with me and every once in awhile one will stop by and give me a hug. I cherish each of them and thank God for allowing their visits. Love you bunches…have a blessed day and a hug from me💛🙏

  71. Edith - September 13, 2021 9:20 pm

    Amen ❤️

  72. Cynthia Russell - September 16, 2021 2:52 am

    THANK YOU SEAN!! Sometimes I forget..

  73. Bill Harris - September 24, 2021 10:29 pm

    Thank you Sean. It’s true, we are not alone. God bless you.


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