[dropcap]L[/dropcap]ook,” shrieked Jamie. “A white spider.”

The spider on the ground was huge. It looked like a white football with legs. Jamie knows I hate spiders more than anything. Especially white ones.

“Are we lost?” asked Jamie.

I laughed at her question. Of course we weren’t lost. We were on the Ochlockonee Bay Trail. I had no earthly idea where on the trail we were. But I knew we were on it.

If you’ve never hiked the Ochlockonee Bay Trail, you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s a grassy kind of hell, covered in spiders, water moccasins, and other things that’ll loosen your bowels right up.

“I’m thirsty,” Jamie whined.

I don’t know how she could’ve been. Jamie had drained all three bottles of our water, and plowed through all four granola bars.


I scanned the horizon. All landmarks looked the same, nothing but trees and grass. I wasn’t sure we’d ever see home again. I closed my eyes and did some quick calculating. If my math was correct, it would take approximately two hours for a black bear to rip our intestines through our nostrils, then pick his teeth with our collar bones.

And after wandering five hours in one-hundred-eight-degree weather, all I wanted to do was eat a granola bar. No such luck. Thanks to Jamie, all we had left was a backpack full of jack-squat.

“Oh my God, look!” Jamie leapt up and shouted.

“What is it?” I said. “You see our car?”

“No, a white spider just ran across the back of your neck.”

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