Jug of Milk

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]esterday, I watched a woman feed feral cats behind the supermarket. She poured a jug of milk into a pan; they swarmed her in hopes of affection. The woman squatted down to pet each of them, and they all waited their turn patiently.

The day before, I saw a boy fall off his bike in the parking lot. An elderly man saw it, too. He ran to the boy, and helped him off the ground, like a grandfather might do. The two of them complete strangers.

Earlier that same morning, a black Nissan Altima stopped on the highway, blocking a mile of traffic behind it. A man leapt out of the driver’s side wearing a nice suit. He scurried into the center of the road, picked up a turtle, and set it on the shoulder.

Last week, in Jacksonville, Florida: I saw a gentleman sitting on a park bench. He had a wiry beard, and a shopping buggy filled with the entirety of his earthly belongings. I counted at least six people who donated money or food. One woman even gave him a blanket.

Only yesterday evening, a young girl locked herself out of her car. Three of us onlookers managed to jimmy her door open without harming the vehicle. One lucky young man even got her phone number. He got so excited, he forgot how to pronounce his own name.

I know lot of people don’t think there’s much good out there in the world. God knows, they have every right to think that way.

But I know some feral cats who believe otherwise.

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