[dropcap]M[/dropcap]y mother and sister didn’t always get along. That’s because both of them have fiery personalities. They’re both strong willed. My sister has a hot temper, and she’s stubborn.

And Mother wrote the book on such things.

I can remember arguments between them lasting late into the night. And even though their squabbles didn’t involve me, I seemed to be around for most of them.

During one such argument, my mother got so worked up she threw a handful of flour at my sister. It looked like it was snowing in the kitchen. My sister went to the pantry and found a bag of grits. The two of them battled it out.

Handful by handful.

When I stepped in to break things up, someone threw a fistful of grits into my eyes by accident.

I yelped like a girl.

The two of them fell into a fit of laughter. They spent the next morning mopping the kitchen and cleaning counters, while I was busy learning to read braille.

These days, my mother and sister get along fine. Oh sure, the two of them have ups and downs. Sometimes they fuss and go a few days without talking.

But not that often.

Sometimes, they’ll stay up all night playing Scrabble. Mother will beat the pants of my sister. Mother always wins at Scrabble. And my sister is always hopping mad when she does. Then, they’ll eat chocolate – they love chocolate. They’ll talk about things, and tell each other important secrets. Ones they’d never tell me.

Not in a million years.

Because some secrets are best kept between sisters.

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